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Philosophy. Give love while creating 100% natural deodorants, plant based and infused with minerals. Made by hand and in small quantities using the best ingredients available. Goals. * Change the way we as a society see health and personal care, providing high quality products free of negative effects. * End the suffering in all living beings that comes from harming and polluting our planet. * Promote deep personal care. CA·CAU grew as an idea that became a necessity. The products that are created are not only safe for our body but at the same time they are kind to the planet. We believe that no matter where you are and no matter where you live, you should have access to high quality personal care products. Examining how climate change impacts the Earth and all living beings, it was impossible to ignore an issue that shook us deeply inside, a value that carries what today represents CA·CAU. CA·CAU products will always be 100% natural free of the chemicals used by the cosmetic industry. No fragrances, essences or artificial colors. It is our promise to you. Each of the ingredients was carefully chosen for its unique benefits, to be able to create a formula that is as effective as it is natural and healthy. When you choose a CA·CAU product you can be sure that it will be an option that will not harm your health. All products are aluminum-free, parabens-free, phthalates-free, BPA-free, GMO-free, propylene glycol free and cruelty free. Sustainability CA•CAU practices reduce, recycle and re-use on a daily basis, to reduce our footprint on the planet. We support the environment by using ingredients that come from local farms, saving carbon with each delivery made, we use reusable bamboo sizes, our boxes and shipping materials are refused or made from recycled material. We believe that an excellent product must have a sustainable packaging. Our deodorants are packed in biodegradable cardboard.